Garfield's Sheep Shot

See how many sheep #Garfield can hit in his sleep! #GarfieldGames #Peanuts
 "I have to much to do" says Garfield. "Eat and sleep". "You know, loafing around is a hard days work for a cat my age".

 "I need nine hours of shut-eye a night. Can you help me? I have this dumb habit of counting sheep in my sleep. Get inside my head and aim them right at me. That way, I'm assured to get a good nights rest".

 "Being a feline has it's disadvantages. Any type of noise will keep me up a half an hour(that's just the way we're built). Yet many of my neighbors love to do everything in their power to disturb my slumber(I bet their just jealous I get the star treatment). I'm counting on you to ward 'em off(besides, I've got enough to worry about). May the sheep god's smile on me tonight. Yawn".

Garfield's Sheep Shot Review

 The music and sound-effects do cater well to a Garfield theme. With the supreme animation and picture quality, it certainly feels like your playing with Garfield(in his sleep). I had a hard time aiming those pesky little sheep at Mr. lazybones. But I believe that's an issue with my computer. So as you can see, I have nothing but kudos to offer this Peanuts-based flash game!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Garfield Sheep Shot!

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