Monoliths Mario World Trilogy

Check out this trilogy of #Mario FlashGames! #MarioGames
 I've got more classic surprises for y'all to munch on. A parody to Mario World from Super Nintendo. Brought to you by Monoliths. Indeed a perfect name to place in front of Mario(Monoliths=Monumental rock).

 Will this koopa ever stop?! Why won't he just get his own girl and stop coveting Mario's? You call yourself King of the Koopas. Really?! Trippin' over the Mushroom Kingdom tells me you've got an inferiority complex! When will you ever realize the cold hard facts? Your no better then the average turtle!

Yet you'll never see it, will ya? so let the games begin!

My Take On Monoliths Mario World Trilogy

 With lots of levels to explore and seek out, you'll be in your Mario glory. But I'm just a bit unhappy with the controls. But I'm sure you'll adapt in no time.

 This classic 2D side-scrolling adventure mimics the real thing! The toons, the goombas, the background portrait. Yet each level is packed with unique platforms to spice up your mind with curiosity. Although all three games are very similar in theme, each one offers a somewhat different level layout. Other then getting used to jumping correctly, I feel Monoliths has done an outstanding job recreating the magic that so spiced up our childhoods.

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!(all three)

Play Monoliths Mario World!

Play Monoliths Mario World 2!

Play Monoliths Mario World 3!


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