Bug On A Wire

Help escort this bug across the telephone wires without becoming a snack for the vultures! #ArcadeGames #OnlineGames This hasn't been an ordinary day at all! One moment your hanging around the bus stop with your peeps. The next minute your transported as a bug on top of a telephone wire as a snack for the vultures! Introducing "Bug On A Wire"!

 Steer clear from those hungry birds as you run for miles between each pole(hoping you'll find a way back home) You can either jump over them(using the up, and down arrow keys). Or simply stay out of their way. Good luck and please don't become another fowl horderve.

Bug On A Wire Review

 Not bad for a little hand-eye coordination. As one blink will land you within a birds fangs. The music matches very well with where this is heading. Just an excellent time-management platformer. Perfect for a 15 minute coffee break.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play "Bug On A Wire"!


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