An Online Game Named Chomper

Here's a Mermaid-esque #FishingGame by the name of chomper! #FlashGames  #InteractiveGames
 Help Chomper-The animated fish fill his face up with worms. As the little fella recently ditched the vegetarian diet and wants some gormade marine delicacies.

 Those green worms, stand clear! It's a booby trap! Just stick to your favorites-red. Steal diamonds from unsuspecting lobsters and you'll get rich(well, at least in score)! Approach a purple fish and you'll be eaten alive!

 That mouse right beside you is all you'll ever need. No clicking! No keyboards! Now go feed little Chomper!:)

Chomper Review

 I love the graphics and 3-D animation. The tune has a bit of a tropical edge to it. oddly, this reminds me of "The Little Mermaid"(especially that musical scene "Under The Sea"). Don't ask me why. :) If you are looking for a game tha'll get you glued to your monitor, "Chomper" is here to assist you!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Chomper!


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