Gold Miner

Help Old Man Williger extract gold from the mountainside in this #OnlineGame! #FlashGames
 Help old man Williger dig for gold nuggets on his California exposition. Aid him in finding the rarest jewels to sell! Taking advantage of this California gold rush!

 If you've acquired some dough, go ahead and invest on some useful equipment to expedite your mission. These tools will enable you to acquire even more riches untold. This may seem quite simple. But don't be deceived. If your not careful, sooner or later the gold rush will pass on by. It's all about being at the right place at the right time.

 There are three different gold nuggets in addition to metallic rocks, diamonds, and oil bags. Try to aim for the latter so your wheel barrow doesn't get rusty(and doge another opportunity). Just follow this legend...

  • Little nugget=$50
  • Mid-sized nugget=$100
  • Large Nuggets=$250
  • Giant nuggets=$500
  • Rocks=$20-$60
  • Diamonds=$700
  • Oil gags=Various amounts
  • Pigs=$2

Gold Miner Review

 I just love the crystal clear sound-effects! Even when there's no background music with it. The execution is nothing new. However once you get into it, you will get addicted to this strategy-builder(trust me). From digging up rare treasure to purchasing goods to more easily excavate exquisite nuggets, Gold Miner makes for a great time kill.

Ratings: 5 stars!

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