Pig Can Fly

Who say pigs can't fly? Well, this game says otherwise. #OnlineGames #FlashGames
 O.K. Today I'm in a bit of a rush so excuse my hand writing.:) My brother being home. I have to share this PC with him. Ugh...

 The object of the game is straight forward. How high you can get this pig up in the air. The mouse is the only thing you'll be needing for this maneuver.

 Reach for the golden nuggets to recharge your batteries. Avoid incoming birds dotted across the night sky. Just give it your best shot. Cause tonight even pigs can fly!

Pig Can Fly Review

 Patients is definitely a virtue. Practice is needed to time those jumps just right. Not something you can just zip through. I thought the scenery a bit neat in the background. The music interweaves a carnival atmosphere within the game's fabric. I'd definitely recommend this as a 5 minute chill-out.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Pig Can Fly!

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