Barry the Buyer

Help Barry run some errands for his boss in Barry the Buyer! #ArcadeGames #FlashGames #PlatformGames
 Like every other person in the industrialized planet, Berry has his own 9-5 to compete in. But unlike some, his job demands he dropship and run many other tedious errands for his rich boss. Most would call him an Errand Boy. Although very dangerous, Berry is fortunate to get paid $500,000 a year(plus benefits if he's good)! With such good pay, there's bound to be a caveat somewhere. Introducing "Berry The Buyer". Produced by the webmaster of Owen's World.

 Help Mr. Berry complete his tasks as fast as possible before time runs out or he doesn't get paid(I told ya there was a catch! It's all in the fine print). Be wary of ditches and spikes which might be fatal(apparently, this guys immune to safety regulations too). Vouch for the nearest exit to finish each course. Good luck and may his fortunes only increase.

Berry The Buyer Review

 Although the control quality was quite poor and basic, I was thoroughly amazed by the multitude of tasks with each passing level. The music further gave it a hip boost that goes along quite nicely with this platformer(the sound-effects were pretty shabby too). So despite the five-n-dime game controls, Owen's World did a fine job executing "Berry The Buyer".

Ratings: 4.5 stars!

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