Blob Wars Flash Game

See how many puddies you can duplicate in #Amigos #Blobwars! #RetroGaming
 Today's review takes us to a virtual board filled with puddies. In the middle of a blob civil war. Nothing separates these clans except on thing. On choosing what color represents them best(how sad). Therefore, you must select which side you want to be on.

 May look simple. But looks can be deceiving. If your not careful, he'll outwit you in the blink of an eye. Duplicate as much blobs as possible by landing on adjacent spaces near him(ideally around the corners). Until all spaces are occupied. Whoever has the most blobs wins. It's as simple as that. Play either with a friend or the computer. In a single, threesome, or five time match(think like keeping score with Ono).

Blob Wars Review

 I absolutely loved this game(despite getting defeated at every game). The strategy, high profile animation, and engaging graphics all make this an exiting board game. Even for the family. Too bad it's not tangible to store in our closets.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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