H2 Space Game

Help get this subterranean #Alien vessel back up to the surface! #AlienGames #ArcadeGames
Greetings Earthling,

 I'm sorry to hear that you Earth-dwellers have suffered such a calamity. I would be so kind to lend you a hand. But frankly, they'll think me as a terrorist. We don't need another galactic war on our hands.

 Anyways, that green flash in the sky. Not to be alarmed. It is only my messenger. Of whom crashed between two tectonic plates deep within the Earth. The quake has sealed him shut. With no way of escape. That's why I've chosen you, dear Earthling, with your newest invention, enabling you to see the unseen. I beg you to help him find his way out! Because when you do, I will award you Galacton of the Month. Now go!..And may the God of the whole Universe be with you...

Your friendly neighborhood galacton, Zorina!

H2 Space Review

 If anything will warm you in the spirits of an alien invasion, the psychedelic soundtrack most definitely will! You might get a little impatient steering this subterranean vessel between the narrow quarries within the Earth's crust. Just one wrong move winds you back at start. Yet if you overlook that glitch, I'm sure you'll agree this fella who built "H2 Space" did a fine job.

Ratings: 4.90 Stars!

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