Zelda Invaders

This is #Links Spoof of #SpaceInvaders! #ArcadeGames
  "Ganondorf-Thine arch enemy has mustered his own men against thee Link.
 And thy beloved Zelda".

 "Thus my son. Hearken unto the voice of the great Deku Tree-guardian of the Green Forest.

 "Thou hast verily brought me back from Hades-the gates from whence all men must go.

 "Thou hast become much greater then any in the land of Hyrule.

 "But a new wind is blowing against this vast land of the rising sun. Can you sense it? It's malevolence is exceedingly more wicked then the first. Ravenous wolves are closing in to seal thy doom unless ye act accordingly".

 "It is imperative that ye equip thyself with a bow-n-arrow and plant thee magic bushes as a shield against the fiery darts of Ganondorf".

 "My child. Be strengthened! Thou holdest the key to Hyrule's eternal destiny. Let thy forefathers be proud of thee. O thou heir to the throne of Hyrule"!

 "Now go...And may the God of thy ancestors and mine watch over thee and make thy journey a success"!

Zelda Invaders Review

 O.K. so I got carried away there(smile). It's only Zelda parodying Space Invaders.

 The introduction has more of a 007 rather then a Zelda theme. But once you get going, the game resembles Space Invaders in every way. Only you're battling with Ganondorf's troops on Hyrule Field instead of aliens from outer space.

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

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