Sword of Orion

As a Navy pilet for the United Continents of Earth, you have been dispached to fight for Earth this #VeternsDay! #VeternsDayGames #FirstPersonShooters
 You are an intergalactic starfighter for the U.C.E.(United Continents of Earth). The year is 2475 and just 150 years prier, we've found other humans beings from across the Milky Way Galaxy. Since they had foreign dialects, we used our standard translation devises. Eloquently, their leaders spoke to us on their devices.

"We are human just like you. Come, the land is free and not for sale".

 But what he really meant by "free" was that no one had a right to own the land. It was free in the sense of mutual sharing.

 Unfortunately, us Earthlings took it to our selfish advantage. Slowly but surly we started to deliberately carve away at their way of life. Until we wound up taking 2/3's of the galaxy. Leaving them with nothing but the fat end pieces. So in retaliation, many violent demonstrations broke out across our home galaxy! Eventually these riots led to an all out interstellar war which has thus far lasted about two years.

Now you know why you've been chosen soldier.
 Hopefully, Earth will stop trying to run this galactic empire we just can't afford and send our troops back home. As autonomous star clusters in the night sky, all needless wars would cease. War would only be reserved for justice and self-defense. We would be closer to achieving true galactic peace. Yet in the meantime, since you've chosen to join the Navy Reserves, I'm afraid you got no choice but to fulfill your duty(maybe this coming Galactic election will change all that).

Sword of Orion Review

 Everything about this first-person shooter just blew me away! From the picturesque sound-effects to the futuristic look and feel on those graphics(especially those background images). Game play is very action figured and fairly of an addictive quality. So all in all, I'd say your in for quite an adventure!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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