Roof Top Rollers

Help these three stray cats jam the night away! #MusicalGames
 Every night without fail, three stray cats hold a warm-up Jazz session in the back alleys between 10:00 P.M. till 4:00 A.M.(when everybody's trying to sleep). They cannot hold two notes together and to be totally blunt, they don't have it! Regardless, each night when the sun goes down, they gather their pieces together and start playing in front of Mrs. Agatha's window-driving her through the roof.

 To a casual observer, you might mistakenly attribute this nice-sounding Jazz to these three Roof Top Rollers(as they like to refer to themselves). But make no mistake, what you hear is actually pre-recorded on someone else's tape. In other words, it's all just miming.

 Ah what the heck! Go ahead and play around with these guys and see what there made of. There's no winning or losing here, Just your average musical cartoon interaction.

Roof Top Rollers Review

 I love the interaction and the animation to this game(or whatever you call it). Although they should insert much more intricate detail to dodge the risk of boredom. Other then those limiting factors, I still say it's worth your hot second.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Play Roof Top Rollers!


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