Ultimate Mario Quiz

See how well your #Mario i.q. is in this quiz game! #MarioGames #Nintendo
 Think you know all there is to Mario? The one who likes to wear his red overalls to bed every night? Well, here's your chance to prove it, knucklehead! Introducing...

"Ultimate Mario Quiz"

 Use  your mouse to point-and-click through many trivial questions. There are two sets of of them. One easy and hard. Just make sure you're well-versed into The Capped One or else you'll get inconveniently thrust back to the beginning and start all over(trust me, I know).

Ultimate Mario Quiz Review

 I thought it was too easy and short . But at least some classic Mario tunes have been embedded from when you were a kid. So all in all, I find this Mario trivia fairly interesting. If you answer these questions all correctly, they'll offer you some bragging rights(Gee guys...How swell).

*Update*-They've just added a new Extreme Mode and let me advise you. It's wicked technical and not for the faint at heart! But it makes you go all the way back to hard mode if you just get one lousy answer wrong.:(

Rating: 4.5 stars!

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