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 Tired of the same old head going through those mundane mazes eating yellow pills? Sick and tired of seeing Pinky and Blinky being recycled in the same ghost-pit? Well, here's for some change. Introducing...


 Forget about running around in circles, taking your pills. This time your filling the gap with blocks. You must promptly fill the board  to at least 75%-80%. Don't let those hooligans touch you or your blocks before completing a chunk of the board. But don't worry, there are plenty of energy-enhancing treats for this big-mouth to lay his hands on! As Mario became the #1 mascot for video games,  so Pac-Man likewise became a favorite arcade mascot.

 Use the Arrow Keys to steer Mr. Pac-Man in whatever direction you want. Just watch out for those ghosts. They are reprogrammed with new functions just like you are. Weather it be hovering along the walls, eating bits and pieces of your work, or  even defying the boundaries you've set. To help you along, I've made a legend for quick reference below.


Banana-Enemies stop.
Cherry's-You go faster.
Yellow Dot-Enemies are edible.
Popsicle Stick-Enemies slow down.

Pac-Xon Review

 The sound effects are nostalgic(with a few new sounds added in). I like how they take mascots like Pac-Man and throw them into new platforms.  In this case, he's exhaling a ton of bricks! Something fairly unique yet traditional to keep your interest. So basically, Pac-Xon takes Pac-Man to the next level!    

Ratings: 5 stars!

Play Pac-Xon!


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