Sheep Invaders

Here is an alernate take on #SpaceInvaders dubbed sheep invaders! #ArcadeGames #OnlineGames An alternate clone to Space Invaders. This time you've got sheep! The soundtrack and background are virtually the same. The only difference, your in a rural-farmers setting. 

 One minute this guys minding his own business. The next, a herd of flying sheep close in on him(aliens in disguise)! But don't be alarmed. He has the artillery. All they want to do is take over farmer Joe's ranch. Then move on to the next poor farmer. You must not let that happen. Other ranchers who've been defeated are counting on you! Will you fail them or tell these impostors to get lost! It's up to you! Now go get em tiger!

Sheep Invaders Review

 Everything from the old beep beep, shooting the artillery, to the flying saucer conforms perfectly from the original. No matter which platform Space Invaders may find itself into, it'll always remain a classic in my book.

Ratings: 5 stars!!!

Play Sheep Invaders!

P.S. Check out this funny video...

Human Space Invaders!


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