#Kaboom is a classic #ArcadeGame from the early 80's! #ClassicGames In 1981, Larry Kaplan designed an action-based video game called "Kaboom". Which sold just over one million cartridges by 1983(surviving the video game crash that same year)). A version for the arcades was planned to launch in 1978(Avalanche). But Larry was not pleased with Atari. Dissatisfied with their slave-like tactics, Mr. Kaplan became instrumental in organizing the industries very first third-party corporation called Activision. Thereby becoming immune to sneaky small-print gotchas by this sinister corporation. Today Activision is the most successful third-party video game distributor of all time.

 "Kaboom" became his signature game. Updates were installed for Atari 2600, 5200 and eventually the Super Nintendo Entertainment System(the latter unfortunately never saw the light of day). By the late nineties, Tiger Electronics(a toy manufacturer) released a key chain with this game embedded right inside!

 O.K. nuff said. The object is to catch all the bombs this madman throws at you with your puny little buckets. All you do is move your mouse to collect these explosives! Watch out! If you miss one, the bomb will explode and there goes one bucket. Lose all three of them and your out! However, make a thousand points and you'll earn an extra one(Oh neeto). Earn 10,000 and Mr. Madman will panic(that's the surprise)!

Kaboom(Online) Review

 This perfectly replicates the original in every way. Which will always be a classic in my books! From the old scratchy sound to scouring some points, the only thing missing is an Atari game controller with a 1980 television set.

Ratings: 5 stars!

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