Curveball(3D Pong)

Care for a little Ping #Pong in three dimensions! #3DPong #ClassicGames
 Care for a little match of Curveball? Cause this goes way back to when Odyssey ruled the day. One dimensional sticks and dots was all she wrote. There were no platformers until Atari arrived on the scene.

 After Atari came Nintendo which introduced the second Dimension. Ironically, it was the Atari Jagwire which fist introduced 3D ten years later to a consul near you. Today I'd like to present a more modernized 3-D "Curve Ball"! You do not have to use your keyboard or click any buttons. Just let your mouse do the talking.

 Like babies who prefer simple toys over sophisticated electronics. The same could be said about video games. Oh yeah, the new fascination will last for a bit. But sooner or later, your mind starts to yearn for the classics.

Curveball Flash Review

 Now mind you, I think some games these days rock! But there's something about those classics that just can't be done today(although Nintendo getting close with D.S.).

 That being said, I think Vagenis did a superb job transforming this 2D strategy into an ample 3D sport! Very computerized and somewhat surreal. Because of Vagenis, Curve Ball survives the sixth generation of video games. My hat definitely goes off to you.

Ratings: 5 stars!

Play Curveball!


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