Mr. Don

Mr. Don is a Pig who must rescue his girlfriend from this evil pigs lair! #FlashGames #OnlineGames
 A Japanese pig and his girlfriend had a lovely picnic together. Yet Mr. Piggy here had to ruin the moment. He pignaps her in his stunt house lair. An oddly shaped facility in the middle of nowhere. Now Mr. Don(the Japanese pig) must go through fire and ice to rescue his little piggy in distress.

 Each room is filled with his dominions(along with enough piggy bait to drive you on). Be careful as this guy has a tendency to cry easily. Just three hits and just watch him throw a pity party on you!

 Stop this mad scientist in his tracks. Do it for the piggies. Do it for the girl. Do it or else become a guinea-pig yourself!

Mr. Don Review

 The music has a wonderful blues theme to begin with. Plus the sound-effects are up to par. The execution is very well put together(with the 2D platformer coupled with the animation). My only complaint would be the Japanese hieroglyphic instructions. Besides that, the high picture quality and fairly good storyline make this an excellent adventure to dig into!

Ratings: 5 stars!

Play Mr. Don!


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