Tom's Adventure 2

Go and reclaim your girlfriend in Tom's Adventure 2! #OnlineGames #FlashGames O.K. so tonight your a little fella named Tommy minding your own business when suddenly this horny wizard comes waltzing through the skies and snatches your girl far away on wing. So now you've got no choice but to save your damsel in distress!

 Only trouble is, he lives way up among the clouds! You must collect all coins to ascent higher into the heavens to get this guy off his cloud. Then you'll live happily ever after and all that wonderful stuff(you know the drill).

Tom's Adventure Review

 The music and sound-effects are worth bobbing your head too. The execution was fantastic as your greeted with a protagonist who seems to covet your girlfriend. But the trouble is, there's really no adventure to this game(except a lot of clouds and coins). I was kinda hoping more for a Mario type platformer(oh well). But other then that, I was thoroughly impressed by the graphics and picture quality!

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

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