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 If you don't know what RPG stands for, then stick around. This post will reveal and dramatize the answer for you. Introducing "Morbus"-based on an enchanted medieval scene. A world full of magic and wonder in which a lot of role-playing is involved.

 You can either fancy yourself to be a Warrior, Jester, Traitor, or Alchemist. Whoever you are you must embark upon a journey to solve a mystery your guru from the East sent you for. But beware! Ferocious creatures have been known to inhabit those woods-Anywhere outside the bounds of the villages. Out there, Ogres, gremlins, killer pigs, snapping mushrooms, even mad men have been known to do unspeakable things to the unsuspecting. So investing in good weaponry is the prudent thing to do.

 But don't put all your eggs into one basket. You only have so much money. When purchasing, choose your weapons wisely within your budget. When broke, Become someones hired hand and you'll earn sufficient dough to carry on your journey.

 Do not let Gwandi your guru down. Give him a satisfied report that you've done your duty as a good and faithful servant. After all, it is the Medieval Times. By the way, if your still dying to know, RPG stands for Role-Playing Games.:)

Morbus Review

 The music is very atoned to what it was like in Europe during The Medieval Ages. A time when mystery and conquest ruled the known(and the so-called unknown) world. The sound-effects are very crisp and realistic(though not perfectly in tune). The execution is just amazing! From the detailed storyline to the artistic background scenery and 2D picture quality. The game play will leave you hooked for hours as you and the Medieval tale become one. So to wrap this all up for you, the folks at have done a wonderful job delivering such a complex role-playing adventure!

Ratings 5 Stars!

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