McDonald's Videogame

Here is McDonald's #VideoGame by #SuperSizeMe a true ducumentury! #OnlineGames
 Let me give you a birds-eye view of what goes on inside corporate America(mainly within the food, drug and oil industries). Where money is the only objective in life. Customer relations and the common good are all sacrificed unto the alter of bling bling!

 These clowns will do just about anything to get your kids hooked for life(after-all, that's where their long-term investment hangs)! The sales department has hired some of the best marketing psychologists in the world to write up juicy ads and push your buttons. They don't want you to know where that Big Macs been or that your fries, shake, and salad is loaded with herbicides, pesticides, and many more artificial chemicals which jack up the fat and calories to unheard of proportions!

 But lets look at the bright side. At least you're getting an idea of how business as usual works(well, not all corporations but quite a handful). You can succeed along the straight and narrow path. Just never ever let money become your god! But let's pretend that you are a corrupt businessman. May I Introduce you to...

McDonald's Video Game

 You have just been promoted by a board of directors(Mickey D shareholders) to become the new company CEO! The one who calls the shots. Yes, you have a major conflict of interest my friend. You must do everything within your power to keep those furrowed men happy. Because if you cause them to go bankrupt, they'll kick you out faster then a chicken nugget!

McDonald's Video Game Review

 Created by the makers of Super Size Me( a true documentary on a McDonald's experiment that went horribly wrong). The execution is very well done. With standard cartoon animation and monophone background music and exceptional sound-effects you'd find among the corporate culture. I was a little perplex on how sophisticated they made this whole business cycle out to be. I was also a bit disappointed by I think one section where they used a vulgar word. Get around those humps and you'll just love having all the power(well, at least for a moment that is).

Rating 4.5 stars!

Play McDonald's Video Game!


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