Buddy In Space

You must keep this mad scientist from wreaking havacking upon this planet! #AlienGames #FirstPersonShooter #ShooterGames An alien scientist from the planet Herbivore will shortly arrive on Earth, release his minions, and strip the planet bare of it's resources. In turn, all humans will be sold on the inter-galactic trafficking market where they'll be scattered abroad across many planets against their will. Right now the mother ship is approaching the outer skirts of our solar system. Only one person is capable of stopping this mad scientist and that that person is You.

 You must annihilate this ship full of minions in the name of your home planet. Then defeat this evil scientist from the face of this Universe! If you fail the mission 6-8 billion people will be sold into slavery and cast among the four corners of the Universe(including you). Earth will never be the same again. Only jackals will find it to their liking. So please defend our world for duty and humanity!

Buddy In Space Review

 Everything about the execution is startling. From the excellent picture and sound quality to the wonderful storyline exposition to warm you up for what's coming. The controls are literally a smorgasbord! If you click options then controls, just press any key you feel most comfortable with steering your vessel. My only complaint would be how eruption the courses end(one minute blowing your enemies brains out only to come to a screen exclaiming you've completed this level). Take that error away and you have yourself a perfect first-person-shooter game!

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!

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