Lar's Adventure

Help Lar defeat Dwardo in this #Platforming #AdventureGame! #OnlineGames
Once upon a time,

 There lived a wealthy little peanut in the land of Saturation. In fact, whatever venture he took gave him seven-folds of increase. In honor of these achievements, the estate was named after his very own son-Lar's Mansion. The most luxurious suit ever to be laid down on the face of the Earth!

 Yet there was another peanut who lived on a hill opposite from where Lar and his father dwelled. This was the same nut who graduated in Lar's alumni. He seems like a quiet guy. But inside, the seeds of hatred were just germinating.

 Dwardo(as they called them) had an envy for Lar's happy-go-lucky lifestyle(not to mention how he once embarrassed him for being such a jerk). This was a turning-point for him. No girl wanted Mr. Dwardo from then on. As the years slipped, his deep-seated grudge only grew deeper until hatred blossomed forth from his gout. After high school, Dwardo joined a gang of monsters to become one himself. In no time did he become the leader of the pact!

 "Finally I will have my revenge! You will pay for slaughtering my social life. A life I thought would bring me fulfillment! Don't think for one second that your money can save you peanut boy! I can assure you no bribe will ever satisfy the torture you've caused me all these years! Now come out and fight like a man! I will get you and your little lard too!"

 Lar's father immediately tore the letter to shreds and sent his son(who was now 24) to fight Dr. Dwardo's minions and restore the land to peace and tranquility. Yet Lar had no idea what he was up against. Dwardo immediately seized him unto a strange place. To another dimension filled with repetitious rap and other-worldly creatures(shadows of things found in reality). But Dwardo had forgotten how dedicated and persistent Lar can be at finishing a task. And this my friend was no exception...


 Just how will the story end? It's up to you to fill the blanks and accomplish the mission Lar's father sent him out to execute. Will you make his journey successful or not? The choice is Yours.

Lar's Adventure Review

 An old fifties fire drill is intermittently woven into the soundtracking(remixed with a 90's flare rap-tune). The sound effects are very zany and crisp. The execution is just fabulous! Up to three dialects are provided. The challenge is bearable yet not complicated(if you think it too easy, just wait 5 minutes)! Game play is very fresh and versatile. Maneuvering around is a breeze! All in all, Robinson has produced a very unique platformer worth diving into(rumor has it that he's translating many Japanese flash games into English, won't that be wonderful)!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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