Alex In Danger

Help Alex destroy the enemy in this #FirstPersonShooter! #Platformer #AdventureGames
 A guy named Alex has been voluntarily recruited into the U.S. Army to fight off aliens from Proxima Centauri(the closest star to our planet). These beings want so desperately to suck all of our natural resources into oblivion just like they did to many other planets before us(yet they are just as shocked as we are of seeing intelligent life forms).

 Of course, it would be entirely unfair to denounce all their kind as evil(as God Almighty has graciously given us all the gift of choice). It's just some even among our own kind have deliberately abused it.

 "Alex, we are under attack! If we don't act now, our planet will be one dead formless void. It is believed every planet in our solar system and theirs once had life(though by no means intelligent). But I charge you not to kill any being unless you are sure it's intent is to kill. If any of them surrender, do not turn them away but except them with open arms. I am sending you alone to wipe out the enemy only in pure self-defense".

Good luck soldier!"

Alex In Danger Review

 The background music is pretty authentic and electrifying at the beginning. Even the sound track will give you the feeling of eeriness. The execution was just wonderful. With some gourmet graphics and crispy sound-effects. Now the platform itself was quite awesome and engaging(though I wish they'd give you more ammo). With that said, I give a thumbs up to Neodelight for delivering such an adventurous platformer!

Rating: 4.99 stars!

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