Adventures of Blob Bob

Embark on a journey with this dweep across numerous #Platforms filled with adventure! #AdventureGames Let's face it. Ordering a hamburger from a fast foot chain these days, you don't know what your getting. Whether if a disgruntled employee wipes his nose or some guy forgot to remove a few varicose veins while processing the meat.  For Bob it was no different. All he wanted was a nice  juicy hamburger to go. But he could not savor one bite!

 Instead, the bun vanishes into thin air and opens up a portal to a new dimension. Luckily he finds more food on the other side. Complete with a whole new world to seek out and explore. You've got to feel happy for this fella. All his life, he's been bullied around and picked on. Now is his chance to claim a trophy and become somebody. As long as he steers clear from amoebas, he'll do just fine(unless he want's to serve as a replacement to that scrumptious hamburger).

Review To Adventures of Blob Bob

 The music and sound effects were fairly good though a bit repetitive. Now the game itself is very intriguing with pretty good 2D quality graphics and animation. It even has a story to go along with it(well sort of). So to make a long story short, if you liked "Acorn's Big Adventure", then "Adventures of Blob Bob" will definitely dig your style!

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

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