PaniK In Platform Peril

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 It was a pretty average school morning. Got up out of bed, got dressed, and had a little breakfast downstairs . Her brother was his same old bratty self(as he always is) and her parents-Ugh...She doesn't want to even go there.

 On the way to the bus stop, she noticed a really strange presence. Like somebody(or something) was watching her. Like an aura of some sort. An inner calling coming from the woods right behind her. Seeing everyone was minding their own business, she wonders off to take a look.

 A peculiar tree with a transcendent owls nest appears making an ominous sound. Her curiosity getting the best of her, she takes a closer look. Suddenly, she is engulfed into some kind of vortex leaving nothing but her close-toed barefoot pumps behind. Instantly, she's taken to a parallel dimension and transformed into some sort of bunny rabbit. Now she must ward off these new villains and escape back into her universe before mom finds out she's missed a day of school(nevermind lost an expensive pair of platforms).

 It is up to you my friend. Will you help her out? Use the Arrow Keys to move, jump, and duck. Hit the Space Bar to shoot some weapon which will temporarily disable your opponents. Hopefully when she get's back, no one will have stolen her favorite shoes(don't count on it)!

Review On Panic In Platform Peril

 The picture quality was half way decent along with the lovely sound-effects(namely the bunny rabbit eating his carrots). The introductory tune was alright though nothing special. Now the game itself is nothing but pure platforming thrills and adventure. Wrapping it all up, I think whomever the developer was sure did a fine job!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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