Smiley Pop

Try to pop as many bubble gums as possible! #SmileyGames #FlashGames A bunch of Smiley's have invaded your ballroom chewing gum and trashing your joint. It's up to you to spoil their little get-together . Those happy-go-lucky good for nothings! Show them what you've got! Let's see who's grinning now!

 Use your mouse to spontaneously pop their bubble gum. The larger the bubbles, the more points. The ones that twinkle give double the score! You've got to be quick with these little rascals. Irritation is their middle name.

Smiley Pop Review

 I find the music very upbeat and electrifying! As for the game play, you'll need a lot of hand-eye coordination. Yet I don't find it over-challenging at all. So to make this short, I think you'll find "Smiley Pop" as a wonderful time-filler between breaks!

Ratings: 5 stars!

Play Smiley Pop!


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