Paper Mario World Flash

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 From the studios of Newsgrounds I give you an online rendition to Paper Mario World! Exclusively developed by Lesjev. Somewhat of a hybrid between the official Paper Mario World and Super Mario Sunshine. 

 Topple those goombas the old fashioned way or with a sledge hammer. Some enemies cannot be stomped on. Use the arrows to jump and maneuver about. Use the space bar for your sledge hammer.

 Bowser's at it again but with an awful idea much worse the the Grinch. This time he's cast a spell upon the Mushroom Kingdom(and of course kidnapped the Princess). The whole land has been sucked in and composed upon a book authored by non other then King Koopa! The only way for you to stop him is for you and the epic to become one(which means The Capped One must subject himself onto another 2D platforming adventure. Then restore his empire back to the way it was). I tell you. After Mario defeats King Koopa, he'll take him to court and sue him for copyright infringement!

Paper Mario World(Online Version)

 The music has a lot of Sunshine tunes and a little touch of Nintendo D.S. With some originality thrown in there. The sound effects are amazingly crisp. The level design is pretty faithful to the Paper Mario atmosphere. With exiting platforms and secrets just waiting to be discovered(although I'd wish a few more lives were given by default). All in all, Lesjev has certainly created a mean online rendition to Paper Mario World.

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

Play Paper Mario World Flash!


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