Ant Burner

See how many ants you can burn in this surreal #3D #FlashGame! #OnlineGames
 Ever feel so angry and frustrated without no place to vent? Or has your computer got a mind of it's own? Have you ever been tempted to punch your boss(or whomever) for being a jerk? Well, not to worry. "Ant Burner" is here to satisfy your aggravations.

 Use your mouse to direct the magnifying glass to condense sunlight into a super hot beam which will roast the ants alive! Burn as many as you can before time runs out. Each ant is worth 100 points. But you must make at least 1,500 points to proceed to the next course. Good luck and may your frustrations be relieved!

Ant Burner Review

 The surreal 3D animation and sound-effects make for an almost realistic view of a tree trunk filled with black ants minding their own business(until you came along). I felt they were a little too quick for level one(especially if you need to vent). But otherwise, I find the quality way ahead of it's time.

4.99 Stars!

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