American Dragon All-Star Skate Park

Give the crowd something to gaze at in this #Disney #SkateBoard #AmericanDragon #FlashGame!
 If you remember, American Dragon Jake Long is a cartoon show that premiers every night on the Disney Channel. Well, I don't watch much of it, but I did find an online sports game related to the series.

 He's not fighting villains, but striking points on a ramp with one on his partners(Trixie). They are both competing to see who pulls in the most stunts.With easy instructions,. you'll be up there in no time. First, you pick which side to be on. Then, it's on my friend! All you'll need is your Space Bar and four little Arrows on your keyboard. So what are you waiting for?

American Dragon All-Star Skate Park Review

 The sound effects are of top-notch quality as well as the animation and pixelated graphics. So basically your dealing with a standardized skate ramp from a well-known Disney series.

Ratings: 4.8 Stars!

Play American Dragon All-Star Skate Park!


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