Amazing Rover Race Game

You must take this four-wheel for a test-spin up treacherous hills and rugged troughs! #CarGames 3DrivingGames #FlashGames Come along and drive this Rover on the roughest terrain imaginable! Up upon the Rocky Mountains just below snow level.

 You have been called by RoderRoy(fictitious) to grab a 2010 beta Rover and take it for a spin at the most awful place to drive a vehicle-Up in the mountains far off-road. Some might call it abusive. Yet getting paid 200 bucks an hour(don't forget those commissions and fringe benefits) more then justifies the means!

 You must ply through steep troughs and ridges on a savanna landscape platform. Use the Upper and Lower Arrows to drive forward or reverse. Use the Right and Left Arrow Keys to tilt back or forth when accelerating forward just doesn't do it. If you have an itch, just press P to pause and then resume. Now let's give this baby a test drive(after all, this is your dream job)!

Amazing Race Review

 I was a little side-tracked by the lack of any music or even some sound effects(I'll admit I have a short attention span). Yet the game was very scenic and detailed for a 2D platformer(though easily tipping over is one of my all-time pet-peeves for online car games).  So I did greatly enjoy the adventure. Though I wish you could hear yourself galloping away on some horse-power.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

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