Mega Man Project X

Help #Megaman defeat all his enemies in this flash rendition! #Nintendo #NES
 Mega-Man is another famous mascot from Nintendo developed by Keiji Inafune whom Capcom used to create the video game series in 1987. His  original name in Japan was "Rockman"(in reference to Rock n Roll). But in America, that name just didn't seem right. 

 The story goes Dr. Right developed an advanced robot in the 21st century which was above his other creations in artificial intelligence. Both Dr. Right and Wiley developed many robots for the betterment of mankind(though no one seemed to give a darn). It was Dr. Right's last creation which drove Dr. Wiley mad with jealousy. With an equally intense hatred for the world.

  In a vindictive spirit, he reprogrammed all but Dr. Right's finest creation to take over the world. And so ever since, Dr. Right has sent out Rock(who later became Mega-Man) to put a lid on Dr. Wiley's evil plan.

Mega Man Project X Review

 Initially, I was exited to find a Mega Man...For free! "Oh man! It's been fifteen years since I played Mega Man!"

 To make a long story short, I dived right into it only to find the first level a little too complicated for beginners. Near the boss, I fall off a cliff, expecting at least to start out half way through. But instead they take me all the way back to the beginning. "forget it!" I thought "I ain't gonna go though that mess again!" Call me a quitter but I can't stand getting nowhere.:)

 To be fair, I won't totally ditch this. The music and sound effects were awesome as were the graphics and animation. For that, I'll give it some juice.

Ratings: 2.99 Stars!

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