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Here is Doodle game by #DoodleNinja hosted for #Miniclip! #OnlineGames #FlashGames

Now This is an Online Game People!

 It's a simple concept. You are trapped in a doodlers world. As a stick figure for crying out loud. One minute, your assigned detention for throwing a spit ball at doofis. So in you go passing your slip to a lady who could care less what goes on(she's too busy reading this weeks Playgirl Magazine). Taking a seat near the back row, you notice the dude across is doodling some nice drawings. But then your eyes get heavy with slumber. So you pull the oldest trick in the book so she doesn't notice.

 Just a few moments went by you open your eyes. Suddenly you find out your not in detention anymore. Looking up, you can see that same kid doodling you into a world of paper and ink! Uttering threats to kick his butt, he just sits back and let's the art do the talking.

 But alas! he leaves you with a sword. So on with the conquest! After all, you don't want Mrs. Dolby to find out you've been sleeping through detention. Just finish all 13 platforms to escape from this kid's so-called work of art(you as a stick-figure, come on).

Doodle Review

 I love the low-down feel to the music and the simplicity on the soundtracks(no! owie!). Even the platform antagonists were only made from lines of pen and ink. Yet as they say, it's the simple things which give us the most pleasure. All in all, I thought this was an excellent platforming adventure!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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