Kill The Pacmen

Here is an awesome #Arcadegame by #Newsgrounds and #Y4 dubbed killThePacmen!
 Pac-Man has always been a friend. Ever since his debut from the early 80's, we all thought him a hero. Fighting for the common good.

 Well, you've been utterly deceived my friend. He is nothing but a big mouth who eats helpless pinkies who want to live their own lives. After letting that cold hard fact settle, it's time we pay back this big head for all the evil he's done. Introducing...

Kill The Pacmen

 Just use your beach ball to pop these knuckle-heads like balloons. Control the ball with your Arrows and destroy as many as you can by jumping with your Spacebar. Do it for peace, for justice, for humanity!

Kill The Pacmen Review

  The music is fairly good. Especially the intro. You can either chose from a timed or adventure mode(frankly, I don't know what the difference is since both are timed). This is mainly an arcade action piece(how many Pacmen can you blow-up before the buzzer goes off). So I find this to be quite an amuser for fifteen minutes(while gulping down an ice cold bottle of Coca-Cola).

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Kill the Pacmen!


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