Acorn's Big Adventure

Here is the demo version of #AcornsBigAdventure-a #PlatformingGame by #Tom! #FlashGames
 O.K. let's be frank here. Your an acorn out in the fields just looking for trouble. There are skull nibblers, termite colonies, and bone head Parana's just waiting to get their hands on you! Armed with only a few acorns and a shell to keep warm. Introducing...

Acorn's Big Adventure

 Well according to Tom, what we have here is just a demo with the real thing coming very shortly. Venture through platforms filled with skeletal mice and other creatures you thought had no intelligence. Use your unlimited supply of ammo(in this case acorns with Z) to subdue your enemies. Don't be dismayed over a dead end. Just remember there's still more to come from Acorn's Big Adventure.

Acorn's Big Adventure Review

 You could almost mistaken this for a cartoon series(based on the introductory music. Which actually comes from a famous 80's hit!). The sound effects throughout a fairly crisp and clear. Now the gameplay is where the cream-filling is! Bouncing on many platforms in this 2D action adventure! My only small pet-peave would be the controls. Otherwise I guarantee your in for a real adventure!

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

Play Acorn's Big Adventure!


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