Jump Game Review

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 What do you get when Atari 2600 and Adobe 3.0 are mashed together to create one massive nostalgic experience like it's 1981? Well, brought to you by the creators of Neodelight, I offer you a one-way ticket down memory lane. Introducing...


 Enter a world of two-dimensional stick-figures filled with skeletons, bats(I know Halloween is still far away), and many more hideous creatures armed only with a Bebe Gun in-hand. As the name implies, you'll be doing your fair share of jumping from platform to platform. Collecting as many fat yellow decimal points as possible.  All while avoiding those deathly lava pits. After awhile, you'll get used to 2600 pixels.

 See, that trip wasn't so bad now was it. Maybe we should take these flights more often. How about you?

Review For Jump

I have to give Neodelight two thumbs up! Not only is the music capable of inducing a nostalgic rush, but also the pixels and platforms along with the simplicity of the one-dimensional action and adventure! Again, I appreciate these guys giving us a trip well worth the hassle.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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