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Help deliver milk from farm to town in your pickup! #CarGames #OnlineGames #FlashGames
 Ever wonder what I'd be like to be the modern equivalent to the milk man for a day(more literally a week)? Well, you'll soon find out how the process works(hard to believe milk can still spoil quickly despite the added conventional preservatives). Introducing...

Milk Shake

 No, not that delicious beverage you get from Friendly's. But from the stuff it's make of. You must deliver 9 jugs of milk unscathed from the dairy manufacturer to the local supermarket. You have up to three routes to choose from. Take the way of the city and get stuck behind a 4-wheeler on a Sunday-drive, go en route the back way of the country and have farmer Joe block your way,  or take a detour and get dumped with six inches of snow up in the mountains(closed on Mondays due to renovations). But whatever you do, don't let that milk spoil or fall off your truck. Deliver it fresh then bring back the empty bottles before they close the doors on you.

 But the neat thing is, those hour-glasses will make time briefly go in reverse. Allowing yourself to have extra time on the roadways. Also aim for all the curds of cheese(for some reason they give you a boost in points). As the week progresses, so does time. So hustle while you work(rain or shine).

Milk Shake Review

 How fitting to throw in a little Bluegrass in the background there(after all, milk does come from cows). The game play is very competitive with surreal graphics and animation(almost like a 64 bit video game). It can get downright humorous if you got your drivers license at the Five and Dime(not to mention harassing fellow drivers as you toot your little horn). All in all, I find this very fulfilling and wholesome.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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Milk Shake

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