Burger Man

Here is a moral game by #SuperSizeMe called Burgerman identicle to #Pacman! #OnlineGames
 Brought to you by Super Size Me, a true documentary about a McDonald's diet that nearly killed one man. Who lived on fast food for 30 days! Now it's your turn to show Ronald McDonald who's boss. Introducing...

Burger Man

 Like your cousin Pac-Man, you must gobble up all the big Macs they offer before you as their guinea pig. Watch out for the Ronald McDonald's running around. Terrorizing your every move. But you can combat them by ingesting a nice fresh organic carrot(which will enable you to swallow them alive). If this doesn't convince you to limit your fast food consumption, then maybe the McDonald's Videogame will.

Burger Man Review

The background tune was appropriate(though nothing spectacular). The sound effects are fairly loyal to the original(with some relevant twists here or there. The gameplay is also very faithful and is for a very good cause. Getting our kids to just say no to Ronald McDonald. I give them an A on their efforts.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Burger Man!


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