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Here is an online spin-off to that famous #Nintendo classic #Zelda! #ZeldaFlash
 I'm afraid Ganondorf is at it again. That worthless Geraldo and the king of all those who'd rather steal bread then work hard for a living. He has abducted the princess and the King of Hyrule has ordered you to come and rescue her. She will be given to you in marriage as an award(ha! I wonder if they'll go back on their word like the last time).

 Use the Arrow Keys to Proust about and the Space Bar for slaying your enemies. Throw bombs with CTRL. Shoot bow n arrows by pressing the Shift Key. First, you must look for the Book of Medulla. Find some bow n arrows plus a bag to store bombs at your disposal. Then head for Hyrule Field to meet the King. Good luck on your quest!

Zelda Game Review

 With no Zelda themed (much less any)tune in the background, the magic just wasn't there. Not to mention the gameplay is a bit tacky to get used to. Yet there is a storyline to this otherwise zestless gameplay. So on account of that, I find it otherwise quite interesting.

Ratings: 3.02 Stars!

Play Zelda Flash!


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