Fancy Pants Adventures The Series

Here is a #Sonic like #FlashGame series by #BradBorne dubbed #FancyPants! #OnlineGames
 Take Sonic's acrobatic moves and loop-de-loos and Mario's coin-collecting fetish. scramble their realms together and what do you get? Introducing Fancy Pants Adventures world one and world two!

 Race your way to the finish line(In this case an ordinary door on it's two hinges).Trample down spiders made out of yarn and snails made out of kick-ball material(and did I mention ant-eaters with bee bee guns too). Number one has a great big penguin with a massive inferiority complex. In part two a rabbit has stolen your ice cream(big thief). You must over-throw these two villains to succeed in "Fancy Pants Adventures". And yes like Mario, you may collect as many pegs as your inky little heart desires.

Fancy Pants Adventure Review

 As you consider the plethora of stencil platforms, mechanical spring-boards, and all the little doors to check-out and explore, you start to wonder "was this meant for a free online game"? Brad has just out-done himself this time on the graphics, pixels, animation, you name it! The quality just draws you in and makes you thirsty for more. And the music just fits the scene like a nice pair of pants.

Part One Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

Play Fancy Pants Adventures One!

Demo Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Fancy Pants 2 Demo!

Part Two Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Fancy Pants Adventures 2!

Update: Brad has just released world three plus a sample of what Fancy Pants adventures will be like on both Playstation three and X-Box Live! Check it out below!

Play FPA Sneak Peak!

Play Fancy Pants Adventures 3!

Here is a Wintertime spin-off dubbed Fancy Snowboarding!


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