Mario Bros

The original #MarioBros from 1983! #ArcadeGames #MarioGames #Atari2600
 Right after defeating Donkey Kong, Mario returned to his occupation. After all guys, he is a plumber. But one night while still in his working over-all's, Luigi frantically calls to get his butt down here. "Mario, Where are you!" He shouts. "The metropolis pipes are infested with strange creatures. Something you and I can't do alone". Poor Mario can never digest a nourishing meal without being called into work.

Mario Brothers Review

 To all you who grew up on in the 80's. This will give you a surge of nostalgia! Back in the day when you had to give the cartridge a good blow job to get it working. My only complaint would be the static sound quality(after all, this is an antique). But aside from that, I believe you'll enjoy it.

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

Now go play Mario Brothers!


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