Zelda-Seeds Of Darkness

Help Link defeat #Ganon by destroying three seeds in darknees before reaking havac upon #Hyrule! #FlashGamesAllow me to introduce you to Zelda-The Seeds Of Darkness.

Once upon a time,

There lived an empire the world over
A kingdom founded on righteousness
A land flowing with milk and honey
Hyrule was it's name

One day Ganondorf the King of thieves
rebelled against the Motherland
The land of which brought him fourth

Stealthily across the Hyrulian Empire
He sows the Seeds of Darkness
Of anger, jealousy, and sadness

This caused Hyrule to split into three factions
No longer did peace rein but only discord, hatred, and woe
Their strength flew away like a bird
out of their grasp

As one of their wisemen said
"A kingdom divided against itself
Cannot stand"

Yet there was still hope
For that kingdom once united

Suddenly a beam of light
Shines from the forest
To seal the kings royal chalice
And purge the Darkness
From his presence forever and ever
And restore Hyrule to it's pristine glory

Review Of Zelda-Seed Of Darkness

 Links House will remind you a lot about Kakarico Village(at least in a musical sense anyway).  Yet the battle field has a more wolverine sound to it. Now the graphics themselves will give you a hybrid sense of Windwaker and Ocarina Of Time. Other then that bomb(which has a tendency to stalk you where ever you go), Zepher did a superb job rendering a flash take on The Legend Of Zelda.

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

Play Zelda: Seeds of Darkness!


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