Super Flash Mario Brothers

Here is the #Flash version to SuperMarioBros! #MarioGames
 When will this turtle ever learn? Your adversary: Bowser has once again high-jacked the princess. But this time he's got a new trick up his sleeve. You see, King Koopa has opted to travel back in time when Nintendo was only in 16-bits. You must venture through 2-D platforms and topple age-old foes(before they had 3-D face-lifts). Overthrow Bowser and his dominions and rescue your favorite damsel in distress(you know the drill).

Brief Review To Super Mario Brothers Flash

 If you're into Super Nintendo then you'll instantly fall in love with this! The music, the platforms, the graphics and bits are all what you'd expect from a standard Mario game. My only pet peeve would be the icing of the cake(the tunes a bit broken up as he scores points on that land-o-meter) . He also seems a little off in his mannerisms. Otherwise, the guy who edited these levels did a good job!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Super Mario Flash Brothers!


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