Cheese Hunt

Help this rodent get all the cheese he can get in this #Platforming #AdventureGame! #FlashGame
 Let's face it. Your a rodent(and an uninvited guest at that). To keep you out, some home-owner has set up booby traps with plenty of cheese to lure you in.

 Being as stupid as you are, your instincts get the best of you. Despite going through jagged spikes, mini-pools, and auto-impalers, you are just determined to stuff your face(after all, you are a mouse). Flippy the yellow bird is even willing to lend you a hand. Climb on his back and let him take through impassible troughs. Whatever you do, don't kill yourself(but since your not smart like Jerry, it may be a close call).

Cheese Hunt Review

 The sound effects are very unique and delicate. Sounds like "Mun ti ti" accompanied by mechanical effects make for a creative platformer. Although I did get a bit irritated by how quickly your lives flow out the drain, I think it's justified by how short the game is overall(only 5 courses). So all in all, this guy did a fantastic job! I'd definitely recommend it to you.

Ratings: 4.99 Stars!

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