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 Today you are in the valet parking business. Tonight the most affluent celebrities on the face of the Earth are coming to attend for the 2008 Awards Ceremony(lucky you)!  Which means you could be making big tips tonight! Yet as the acronym goes "To Insure Proper Service", there are a few caveats attached as well.

 If you want to keep those big bucks, then you must park these Rolls-Royce's perfectly(without scratch nor dent). Remember, these fine people are attached to their possessions. So if something goes wrong, you won't hear the end of it!

Park My Car Review

 The background music has a Hard Rock touch and feel. Accompanied with sound effects slightly above standard(rumbling car engine, wall-crashing, and ignition start-up).

 Now parking the car itself was like rocket science. Add to that the instructions weren't real clear on how to properly park the darn thing to advance to the next stage. So to finish up this brief review, You'll lose your attention-space in less the five minutes on "Park My Car".

Ratings: 2.5 Stars!

Play Park My Car!

Until our next review, ta-ta...


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