Revenge of the Stick

#HTML has revalted from slavery. Now you must show these mark up texts who's boss! #FlashGames
 Since the dawn of the internet, HTML has had their share of slavery and discrimination. From being dishonorably discharged to getting conscripted to create web designs against their will.

 Enough is enough! Freedom is our birthright! No longer are we gonna serve in this cyber plantation! Let us be going!

 As a web slave holder, you must not let them go. Set up various ambushes to shoot 'em down. This won't exterminate but send them back to where they belong-Within your monitor. Go show these rebels what it means to defy your authority!

Reviews For Revenge of The Stick

 The background tune is very military in style(which is very appropriate of course). The graphics fairly ostentatious for a free online game(which is a good thing).

 The main plot has a story behind it(which many but not all flash games seem to be lacking). Plus, you are playing as a third-person(set up traps and they will do the rest). But the part I like most is there are four levels of difficulty(easy, medium, hard, and insane). With even a free play mode to choose from(can ya beat that).

 To sum it all up for you,  I think you'll get into this third-person shooter. However, you might get bored after 20 minutes.

Ratings: 4.6 Stars

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