My Beloved Nintendo

Here is a picture of what #Nintendo looked like back in the mid 80's! #RegularNintendo #NES
Hey Guys,

Today I like to take a break from my typical free online game reviews and share a little brief history on me and my beloved Nintendo.

I Believe I was about 9 one Christmas. We gathered around the Christmas tree to open our presents. One of them was a Nintendo Entertainment System. This Was no longer a child's envy toy(since Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis were now in those ranks). Yet my brother and I were content enough to just fiddle around with our Mario, Zelda, and Duck Hunt. Oh Man were we hooked!

I wasn't as good as my little brother. When those final bosses came, I'd let him have it. Yet overtime I've matured and gotten a lot better at it. But there was one kid who surpassed us both.

The Nintendo Genius

His name was Nigel(sorry if I spelled it wrong). Whenever the chance came, we begged him to come over and play some Nintendo. We'd just stood there in awe as he showed us new tricks and advanced to heights we couldn't reach.

I can recall one time Bradley(his half-brother) shouted with glee when Nigel obtained the secret book for the Legend of Zelda. Ah! those were the days[edit: Actually it was Bradley who obtained the book himself].

Sadly, good things must come to an end. Nigel purchased a Super NES and overtime he forgot how to play regular Nintendo. Years later our little Nintendo broke and we received an N64 a few Christmas's later. Clearly, old school Nintendo was no more.;(

Just thought it'd be interesting to post this. If you'd like to share your own story of how you grew up on regular Nintendo, I'd Love to hear it.


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