Mario Brother Trilogy

Here is a simple amature #MarioGame!
 Help this over-all boy save his brother from the clutches of King Koopa. Of whom kidnapped poor old Luigi one dark and stormy night.

 After a hard days night working in the studios, Luigi decided to call it quits and shut off all the lights to get ready for bed. His brother was downstairs watching his favorite Friday night show. Eating his favorite chocolate cake with a tall glass of milk(seriously, it's become a ritual of his). Yet Suddenly everything went blank.

 A big storm was brewing outside. On account of heavy rains, screeching winds, ominous thunder and lightning. So he gave the blackout a good logical explanation while further indulging on that scrumptious chocolate cake. But when the house violently shook off it's foundation, Mario quickly rushed upstairs to see if his brother was O.K. Only to find him gone without a trace!

 Glancing up at the window, he realizes Bowser's the one who caused all this commotion and has abducted his brother! Bowser taunts the capped one to another challenge. Will you aid him in saving Luigi and keeping the Mushroom Kingdom at peace?

Brief Reviews of Mario Brother One, Two, and Three

 Don't know wheather to laugh or cry. Obviously a low-budget Mario Game with no imagination or effort(the graphics are so bad, you'll die without touching your foes). You can't even topple your enemies. There's not even any music to flow you through these platforms. And don't even get me started with how they drew up Mario. He looks like a fifty-five year old man. So basically, it's just your typical non-inspired flash gimmick among a sea of free online games.

Ratings: 0.2 Stars!

Play Mario Brother!

Ratings(Part 2): 0.2 Stars!

Play Mario Brother 2!

Ratings(For Part 3): 0.2 Stars!

Play Mario Brother 3!

[Note sadly these games are now defunct]


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