Pointless Game

Here is Pointless Game by #FreddyD! #OnlineGames #FreeOnlineGames #FlashGames Here is a series of Free Online Game outtakes randomly pressed down and shaken together to give you "Pointless Game".Venture through 10 platforms of 2D simplicity(grab some coins, look out for detours, and aim for the portal).

 Watch out for those antagonists they term "baddies". These  insipient beings have been taken captive from many platforms and thrown to a parallel Universe. Which is where you've wound up. One minute on a coffee break at work, the next taken to some strange dimension. Now you must find the portal that'll hopefully send you back home.


Pointless Game Review

 For a game that made such an entrance, no music was to be found in the background(although there were sound effects). The controls were very simple. However, I feel they should work on the jumping a little more.

 To bring this brief survey to a conclusion, I find it otherwise O.K.(despite a few blunders here or there).

Ratings: 3.8 Stars!

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