Mouse in Danger

Stay away from the malware mice and head for the light! #PointAndClickGames #FlashGames #OnlineGames Your computer is infested with mal-ware. Also known as cyber-mice which nibble on your PC's hard-wiring's. Leaving your computer to crash and burn!

 Well, it looks like there's an infestation! "Just how did so many end up living in there" Good question. But it just might be those suspicious e-mails you've been receiving. You could've sworn you saw lopsided dots meandering about while reading some prank from The United Emirates.

 But now your mouse is trapped like a guinea-pig among deadly maze of computer viruses. Like Algebras 101, you must get from point A to point B. Seems easy enough? But there is a caveat.

 You only have five seconds to quickly remember site B before the lights go out. It's all guessing from there. Yet one bump on the wall will get you eaten alive! Are you ready to give your computer a clean slate? Then you must boldly go where no mouse has gone before!

Mouse In Danger Review

 Designing an online game about a computer virus I thought was brilliant and somewhat refreshing. However, each passing stage looks very mundane and lacks much in the way of creativity. Yet again, I do applaud this guy for trying something different.

Ratings 3.4 Stars!

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